"Surfing isn't just a sport that you are involved in, its a way of life, a culture and is something you are passionate about. "   Carlene Sherwell


"My personal motto throughout my professional surfing career has always been -

BELIEVE YOU CAN -"  Robbie Sherwell

Robbie + Carlene Sherwell

Robbie and Carlene Sherwell are the force that is XL Surfing Academy, the premier surfing academy on The Sunshine Coast.   Their ride into the surfing world has seen them through over 30 years within the industry.  

Robbie Sherwell is an internationally acclaimed surfer and known for his competitive professional surfing for over ten years was ranked at number 5 in the world.  

Carlene Sherwell, Robbies ever-supportive wife, is the business side of XL Surfing Academy.   Robbie and Carlene have two sons, Joshua and Joel who are both accomplished and recognised surfers within their own right.  The Sherwell's really live the surfers life.  They are early to bed, early to rise.  Most mornings you will find one, or all of The Sherwell's checking out the surf, paddling out, reporting on radio and television the latest surf report or running a session from 5am onwards.  When taking time off (rarely) Carlene and Robbie head overseas in search of fresh surf spots and good times.  Surfing culture is important to Robbie and Carlene, they maintain a strong focus on fitness and a healthy lifestyle to assure they're ready for the next big swell. 

XL Surfing Academy was born in 1999 after The Sherwell's created their own successful line of surfing products and services.  Carlene, as a mother of two young boys with their fathers natural talent, saw the dire need for somewhere for her children to refine their skills in a safe environment with personalised programs.  Enter XL Surfing Academy.  

Educating surfers of all ages on water safety, first aid, surf awareness and surf etiquette is a key factor in The Academy's success.  Their ability to focus, target and hone in on individual skill levels, technique and development is also something that the academy prides itself on.   Their humble, down-to-earth and outgoing personalities assure that every session is a good one.  Only allowed to finish a session on a good wave, XL Surfing Academy are paddling out for a lifetime of success. 

Over 16 years later, XL Surfing Academy is renowned for their quality coaches, professionalism, skill development and taking the time with each student to help them reach their personal surfing goals.  

XL Surfing Academy is a member of, and accredited by Surfing Australia.  Additionally, XL Surfing Academy is a member of Mooloolaba Business and Tourism, Alexandra Headland and Mooloolaba Surf Lifesaving Clubs.  

Founders and owners of XL Surfing Academy